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Our blog is designed to do a few things. First, we want to provide helpful information to homeowners and property managers who may be considering hiring a professional exterior cleaning company. Second, we want to give helpful hints and tips that you can do on your own that will help keep your home and property looking great. Third, we want our potential life long customers to get to know us and why we love powerwashing and all other types of exterior cleaning. 

Do you wonder if your home/property’s exterior cleaning needs make you a good candidate for hiring a professional cleaning company, the answer is probably yes, if it’s the right company. Our company for one loves meeting new people and hearing/seeing your project, speaking to you personally to give you an explanation of our services and providing a free estimate. More often than not no job is too small for us to come up with an affordable option and no job is too big regardless of the size, height, dirt level, or accessibility of the property. Keep in mind, not every job is right for every company to take on, and if that be the case a reputable company will explain the situation and may even be able to refer you to someone else in the industry who is more suited at providing the services you need. So, yes if you have a dirty building of any kind there should be at least a couple of experienced companies reasonably nearby  who will do a great job cleaning it for you professionally and affordably.  

Also, if you are considering hiring a professional cleaning company one of the first things you may want to do is look them up online and check out their online presence. Google reviews are a great place to read what their customers are saying about them. You will also be able to see how that business interacts with their customers. A business that has more than 30 5 star reviews without any negatives is a good place to begin. A company that has 1 or 2 less than great reviews but has a high number of positive reviews is probably still worth giving a call, however a company with very few reviews or multiple negative reviews would be a cause for caution. 

We hope this short article was well worth your time reading and look forward to providing more in the future. 

Thank you for considering A Plus Home and Roof Wash for our professional exterior cleaning services for your home or comercial propety.

Dan Braswell

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